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Spider Solitaire Game

Information about Spider Solitaire game

Spider solitaire is a single player card game commonly found in Microsoft Windows. It is played using two decks of cards without the jockeys. The objective of this game is to arrange the cards in descending order from the King to Ace. You need to be skilled enough to manipulate and organize them successfully.

Types of spider solitaire

There are common three types of spider solitaire game. They include one suit, two suits, and four suits although a three suit may appear in some version. Each level represents some difficulties in the puzzle.

Game layout

When the game starts, there are two packs of cards. The first bunch of 50 cards is arranged in a table of ten columns. Each of the first six columns contains six cards with only the top card revealed. The remaining four columns have each five card with just the top card revealed. The other bunch is placed aside and acts as the stock-pack.

How to Play Spider Solitaire

how to play spider solitaire

In the columns, you only move a card to the next higher value, e.g., a nine to a ten. You can also move a bunch of same suits. For example 6,7,8,9 of hearts can be moved together. However, a bunch of different flowers cannot move together as a pack. For example, a six spade and seven hearts cannot move together. Moving the topmost card in a column reveals the underneath card which enters the play. You can now use the exposed card by placing on it or taking it to another stack. When you are out of moves, you click the stock-pack, and a random revealed card appears on each column.

The main aim is to reveal all the hidden cards and arrange them in ascending order of the same suit. When you achieve a complete sequence (K to A) of the same flower, the cards are eliminated from the table. Note that you cannot take cards from the stock-pack if any of the columns are empty. If you exhaust the stock-pack and there are no possible moves, the game ends.

Score calculation

The score in window spider solitaire usually starts with 500 points. Each move you make subtracts one from the 500. Even when you complete a sequence, one is also deducted. However, achieving a sequence adds extra 100 points to the remainder of 500 points. Therefore the total score when you complete all the eight sequenced is calculated by eight completed moves each with 100 points= 800 plus 500 the starting points, minus the total number of steps made.

Rules of the game

  • The primary objective of the game is to clear the table by arranging the cards in descending order of the same suit. Its rules are as follows:
  • The stack must be in descending order; from King to Ace (here the colors are not necessary). However, to remove a complete sequence from the table suit must be the same.
  • Only cards with the same suit move as a pack
  • You cannot get cards from the stock-pack if you have an empty column.