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Mahjong Dark Dimensions

A new puzzle game of Mahjong series is now available online for free. Here you can play the spin puzzle and jump on higher levels with your attentive skills.

Mahjong Dark Dimensions is an interesting puzzle game, a cube with different symbols is given in which you have to match the same symbols whose adjacent sides are free. This is the only objective of the game, you have to match all the pairs and have to disappear the cube within given time and win the game. There are different symbols and each with pairs can be match, arrows are there which will help you to move the cube in different directions and match all the pairs. Time bonus is an impressive way to add more time into your timer, this is a process in which suddenly cubes show timer in them and if you pair those timer cubes you will get a time bonus.

Mahjong dark dimensions a series of mahjong games mostly popular for different puzzle games world-wide. This was originally started in early 90s and North user get engaged in knowing about this, there was sudden increase in the users as each individual is getting attracted to the games released by Mahjong and it is being played world-wide as these games are accessible on both pc/laptops and Smartphone.

Steps to play mahjong dark dimension:

  1. Click on the Start button. Cube with different symbols comes up on the player screen.
  2. Match all the pairs whose adjacent sides are free in given amount of time.
  3. Pair each symbol in given time makes you win the game.

Mahjong Dark Dimensions helps you to be more attentive and this is the special benefit you can get while playing this game. Attention towards the symbols and being more attentive will help you to recognize pairs more often and win the level in time and get time bonus as well. This is the basic description of the game which is sufficient to enter as a new player and maintain your stability in the game while playing it regularly.